31 July 2014

To Everything There is a Season

Hi all,

I won't even bother with my usual excuses for having been away from the blog this last little while. They're pretty tired out, those excuses are, and besides, there's one really good reason behind my absence that has put things into perspective and allowed me to make some decisions recently that are both sad and exciting at the same time.

I know many of you will totally get it when I say that lately I've been battling a sort of blog ennui. If I'm honest, it's been a struggle for a couple of years now to define who I am as a blogger and what Money Pit Love really is. What began as a practical forum to share stories with family (and who I'm not sure even read the blog anyway!) became a labour of love, then one of nearly unlimited fun, and then one immersed in an epic identity crisis.

MPL has been limping along ever since, being less a creative outlet than an ill-fitting suit. I struggle with the self-imposed parameters of MPL. I feel like the brand itself is suffocating in response to my internal pressure to remain true to it.

Because the truth is: I'm not a brand. I'm a person, and what I want to represent is my life, not a product.

The fact is, I'm changing. Money Pit Love still feels to me like the 'little blog that could', chatting about my renovations (in the old Money Pit), design and d├ęcor. Now, those interests represent only a small part of me. There is so much more I'd like to explore, share, and discuss, and much of it feels inappropriate for this blog.

The bottom line is, I've decided to close up shop here at MPL. This will be my last post here, though the site will remain live. There are a lot of links out there in the internet that lead back this blog, and nothing frustrates me more than when something interests me and I click to a dead link. KILLS ME. So I won't do that. Just... no more posts here, and an invitation to join me over at my new venture, Life of Plenty.

Life of Plenty is where I'll be hanging my blogger hat from this day forward. I hope the amazing friends I've made through MPL - all of you, out there - will make the transition with me, too. What I write about will remain largely the same - lots of food, lots of kid stuff, lots of life stuff - but in a way that lets me feel free to celebrate those things as a holistic whole without worrying about how I'm being perceived or whether I'll lose my place in the YMC Community if I don't post for a week.

So, Life of Plenty. My new blog about life: all of it. Food, family, heath, parenting, design, the arts, travel, home, career, leisure.... ALL. OF. IT. I hope to see you there.