01 May 2014

House Stalking | Chateau de Gudanes: The Mother of All Renos

Sometimes when I lie in bed at night, I fantasize how exciting and challenging and just plain awesome it would be to renovate a house top to bottom, right down to the studs and back. I imagine purchasing some derelict old pile in the countryside, a real diamond-in-the-rough, and restoring it to its former beauty.

How satisfying it must be - how fulfilling - to bring a beautiful, complex vision to life... and then live in it.

A young and ambitious Australian family is doing just that. Having purchased an abandoned eighteenth century chateau in the south of France, they are documenting the extensive restoration process on their blog, Chateau de Gudanes. They have their beautiful work cut out for them.


Visit CdG to share in the experience, and follow Karina on Instagram and Facebook. Her photos are, in a word, stunning.

The stuff dreams are made of.