21 April 2014

IndiGO RIGHT NOW! | Spring & Summer 2014 Collection Preview

So while we're on the subject of spring previews (she says in the most awkward post introduction-slash-topic segue ever, because we weren't on any subject at all), I was recently invited to attend the Indigo Spring & Summer 2014 Collection preview.

I never pass up an opportunity to hang out a) at Indigo (I've been turfed out on my ass 20 minutes after closing many a'time and my repeated requests to formally move in have thus far been denied) and b) with other cool and awesome bloggers, who make me feel cool and awesome just by being with them. So obviously when my PR pal Josh said, "Hey, do you wanna?" I was like, "DUH! Obvi." I may have even threatened to wear bells, but unlike BlogPodium 2013 (when I totally did) I chickened out this time around. It's one thing to look like a damn fool in front of 200+ bloggers, and quite another to look like one at Indigo's flagship store in the dead centre of the Eaton Centre.

And speaking of the Eaton Centre (she says in a totally organic segue) this pretty much encapsulates my experience navigating that som'bitch:

I wish I was kidding. I really had to pee.


We were talking about Indigo, and how I love everything about it and want to live there and own everything they sell. None of this is an overstatement. There were so many beautiful items I wanted to stuff in my bag and whisk away from there for my own house, but that's illegal, obviously, and also my purse wasn't big enough to fit it all in. So I just had to settle for taking some amazing photos (amazing for me, if I do say so myself) and sharing them with you.

Knot & Bow

Smells Like Canada

New to Indigo this season is a partnership with Etsy to market and promote unique, hand-crafted goods created by plenty of home-grown talent. I love this for a number of reasons, not least of which is the curating Indigo's doing on my behalf. Etsy is an amazing place and I frequently surf around it looking for cool items to covet, but there are times I find it overwhelming. Unless I'm looking for a specific item (in which case the 'search' function is my BFF) I get a little lost in all the pretty but never seem to "strike it rich" in the glam/cool/super-awesome department.

Now, Indigo's done the work for me, finding the best of the best and putting it all right into my hot little hand. Not to mention it's much-deserved recognition of Canada's creative community, which is vibrant, diverse and thriving, and deserving of attention. So that's awesome. You can check out the whole collection here.

Mason jars seem to be making a big comeback style-wise, which I'm pretty chuffed about. In my opinion, just about everything tastes better in a mason jar mug. And nothing says "summer lovin'" like a screw-top lid and these faboosh barbershop pole straws.

Also? It's essential that I own these mason jar shot glasses. E-S-S-E-N-T-I-A-L. My photo doesn't do them justice (the exception to my claim of "amazing photos") but they are so, so cute and a must-have for any patio party worth it's salt (and celery, and Caesar mix.)

For you fashion-forward hostesses with the mostesses, I give you this sleek, contemporary beverage urn. I envision it filled to the brim with hard lemonade for a Saturday night party, and with lemon-scented iced tea for Sunday brunch.

Stylish even when empty. Perfection.

These sweater weave baskets are calling my name. I'm actually seriously considering going back for one: it would look perfect beside my fireplace and piled high with soft blankets.

For the kitchen connoisseur, these kitschy timers are just the ticket. And after a long and fruitless search for the perfect teapot to replace our old one whose handle snapped, I happened upon this one which is, in a word, perfect.

Indigo giveth, and then it giveth some more.

For the fun-times gardener in everyone, I spied this bestseller: a must-have on your bookshelf, no? If I were a bigger drinker (and had alcohol tolerance of more than a thimbleful), I'd have snapped this up already.

These. I've never really been a "wristwatch" girl, but recently I've become a fan. I've been on the hunt for the perfect one (gals with little wispy slender wrists like hollow reeds can get away with just about any size or style, but someone of my... fulsomeness... has a few more challenges to overcome to find the perfect accessory. Thick wrists are the WORST.) Enter: these little beauties.

There were several styles to choose from but these caught my eye for two reasons: colour, which I adored (like, all of them), and that they can dress down and, in a pinch, dress up. Especially the white one. It's sturdy, practical and hard-wearing, but still pretty. My fave.

Not part of the Spring Preview but deserving of mention nonetheless, I fell in LOVE with these infant soothers.


Honestly, how cool would your kid look rocking kissy lips or a dashing mooostache? Answer? The COOLEST. The absolute freaking coolest.

So run... don't walk, RUN... to your nearest Indigo. Bring your wallet, and a small U-Haul trailer. You'll need it.