07 February 2014

Science is Magic! And Gravity is Cool

This is Harold. Harold is a trapeze artist.

He is a master of balance.

Also he's a bit magic. But he tastes terrible.

Harold likes to hang around on the job...

...and perform incredible feats of daring.

Want to make your very own Harold? Here's what you'll need:
  • 1 popsicle stick
  • 1 pipe cleaner
  • 2 large paper clips
  • a pen
First, draw a face on end of the popsicle stick. Give him or her a name (mine will be Carl.)

Next, lay the pipe cleaner horizontally on the popsicle stick, approximately 1/4-inch from the bottom of the opposite end of his/her face. Fold the pipe cleaner around the sides, crossing over at the back (like the initial crossover when tying shoes). Bring both ends around the front and cross again.

Attach a large paperclip to each end of the pipe cleaner by looping it (the pipe cleaner) through the small, inner-U of the clip. Fold the end of the pipe cleaner to secure the paperclip in place.

Now, get to the acrobatics! By adjusting the angle of the pipe cleaner counterbalances, you can balance your Harold on anything from your fingertip to your tongue, from the dog's nose to the end of a pen... or even on the edge of a piece of paper.

Science is magic! And gravity is cool.