06 February 2014

Art Pop

So earlier in January I was cruising around my go-to blogs as I usually do when I have ten minutes, and I happened to pop over to Lindsay Stephenson's Little House Blog (one of my faves.) And what did I happen to find there? None other than this little beauty:

photo courtesy of Lindsay Stephenson, Little House Blog

Well, now.

Helllooooo, gorgeous!

Not being a gal to pass up anything that is a) awesome and b) awesome+gold, obviously I ordered one immediately.

And look what's arrived!!

OK, full disclosure: it actually arrived two weeks ago (Lindsay is F-A-S-T with delivery!) I just haven't had an opportunity to blog about it until now.

I couldn't be more excited, and I know exactly where I'm going to put it: in the kitchen, across from the island where I can always see it. This might seem like an unlikely place for a 'Don't Grow Up' print but actually it's perfect. Where else is a better place to hang such a perfect motto than right in the centre of the house?

Nowhere, that's where.

So THANK YOU, Lindsay! It's beautiful, and I'm so glad to have a Penny Paper Co. print for my house - finally! Once the kitchen is painted (two weeks from now, if everything goes according to plan) and I've selected a frame, I'll share photos of it on the wall in its place of honour.

If you like this print, or are interested in Lindsay's other work, click over to The Penny Paper Co. and have a look around. She's kind of a genius, so it'll be impossible not to find something you love!