31 January 2014

Thriftastic | Building Our Library, One GoodWill Find at a Time

When I resolved to read more books in 2014 - and mused about turning our awkward media room alcoves into libraries - it became apparent that we needed way more books in this house to make these dreams a reality.


Books are like a drug for me. I love the smell of a new book. I love the snap of its spine when I ease it open, ready for the first read, and I love how crisp the pages are. Most of all, I love that it's mine-all-mine (in that, I'm the first to read it cover to cover.) But being at home with the kids has its trade-offs, one being that pots and pots of money for things like brand new books don't exist. So I've turned to my new favourite pastime - thrifting! - as a cost effective solution to the puzzle of library-building.

In the past week alone, I've scored 21 books at a grand total of $18, which is less than I'd pay for a single novel, retail! I'm living in a gangsta's reader's paradise.

Book List
  1. Allende, Isabel | Daughter of Fortune
  2. Allende, Isabel | Inés of My Soul
  3. Anderson-Dargatz, Gail | The Cure for Death by Lightning
  4. Ansay, A. Manette | Vinegar Hill
  5. Baker, Kevin | Paradise Alley
  6. Ban Breathnach, Sarah | Something More: Excavating Your Authentic Self
  7. Christie, Agatha | And Then There Were None
  8. Coady, Lynn | Hellgoing
  9. Fox, Arnold & Barry | Beyond Positive Thinking - Putting Your Thoughts Into Action
  10. Golding, William | Lord of the Flies
  11. Griffin, Kathy | Official Book Club Selection: A Memoir According to Kathy Griffin
  12. Johnston, Wayne | The Colony of Unrequited Dreams
  13. Lawrence, D.H. | Sons and Lovers
  14. Löhr, Robert | The Chess Machine
  15. McGarry Morris, Mary | Songs in Ordinary Time
  16. McLean, Stuart | Extreme Vinyl Café
  17. McLean, Stuart | Secrets from the Vinyl Café
  18. Michaels, Anne | Fugitive Pieces
  19. Morrison, Toni | Song of Solomon
  20. Richler, Nancy | The Imposter Bride
  21. Teleky, Richard | Pack Up The Moon