10 January 2014

Colour This Pit Pretty

People, I am not trendy. Even though paint is one of my favourite decorating tools and there's nothing I like better than flipping through fan decks feasting on the smorgasbord of colour and possibility, I'm not what you would call a "slave to fashion". Thanks, Pantone, for letting me know what colours are 'in' every year, but I like to go solo on my colour choices. Han Solo. I'm thinking of changing the Shih Tsu's name to Chewy.


Being so hopelessly unfashionable makes it easy for us to pick palettes. We just do whatever we want!

In the case of the Pit, we were drawn toward the blue spectrum, which is a first for me. Historically blue has never been my favourite hue, but upon walking in the house the first time I knew it would factor heavily into our decorating scheme.

Why? Who knows. Just one of those things.

And after all these months (14 of them... more than a year!) it occurred to me I've never shared our specific palette picks for the house*. Whoops ~ how remiss of me! And requiring of correction ASAP.

Media Room

The Boy's Room


The Girl's Room**
Main (at 50% strength)
Bathroom (at 50% strength)

Master Bedroom

M's Room

Family Bathroom

Everywhere Else***

*Full disclosure, we still haven't painted the entire house yet. We keep thinking we'll do it, and then we find something -- anything! -- else to occupy our time. See, I like the effect of painting, but I don't love painting itself. Or, I do like it, but it's one of those things that I don't like until I'm actually doing it and getting to the actual doing it part takes forever because I procrastinate on account of the not-liking of it. It's complicated.

**If you're wondering whether I see the irony of having painted my kid's room in what basically amounts to Radiant Orchid, considering my rant earlier this week, the answer is: Yes. Yes I do. Read on to discover this won't be a conflict of interest for much longer. I hope.

***Anyway, the house still isn't fully painted. We have the paint, we just haven't put it on the walls yet. So when I say "everywhere else" I mean, eventually. Eventually everywhere else**** will be this colour. Or non-colour. Or tone. Is that right? I can't remember... Colour Theory class was a long time ago. Whatever. It'll be white; this white, specifically. All over.

****Kitchen, dining room, living room, hallway, stairwell and office, is where I mean by "everywhere". Our master bath and walk-in closet are already painted. The Girl's room will be updated to this colour also (the purple is just sooooo strong even at 50% saturation. I can't take it.) The powder room's going to be papered, which I'll share plans for a little later!