24 July 2013

Georgie Porgie Pudding Pie

As a self-confessed rabid monarchist (I love, Love, LOVE the royal family. Like, LOOOOOVE them.) I've been so excited about this new baby you'd think I was the one gestating. Probably I was more excited than if I really was knocked up with the heir to the throne, actually, because I had absolutely zero morning sickness, heartburn or weight gain. All the excitement, none of the symptoms. Honestly? It was the perfect pregnancy.

The actual birth is sort of secondary to what I've really been waiting for, which is the name. I'm really obsessed with names: my kids each have three (excluding their surname) and even that was a struggle to keep it contained. I have my "next" two kids named already, and have a list of phantom children (the five I expected to have when I was a teenager, and planned ahead [none of which I used for my real offspring, as it turned out]).

Anyway, today's the day! In case you haven't heard (as if) Will and Kate announced HRH the Prince of Cambridge's adorable new moniker:


Lots of folks are divided on George, but I think it's adorable. So in honour of little Prince George, the next-to-next-to-next in line to the throne, here is my list of favourite Georges.

"Oh God, You Devil!" | George Burns

Not a huge Star Wars fan but I am a fan of EVERY OTHER MOVIE EVER MADE | George Lucas

1984, Forever and Always. The incomparable | George Orwell

Arguably the smoking-hottest George | George Clooney

Intergalactic space dad | George Jetson

Middlemarch on, yo! | George Eliot

Truly one of a kind | Lonesome George

Straight to the point | Georges-Pierre Seurat

By the hour, tonight (and every night). The most badass George | George Stromboulopoulos

So awesome there should be a festival named after him. Oh, wait. | George Bernard Shaw

Possibly my very next favourite

HRH Prince George of Cambridge

Who tops your list of favourite Georges?

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