27 July 2013

Does Something Feel Different Around Here?

So you might have noticed that something feels a little different around here. Maybe a little less graphic? And less colourful. A little more Plain Jane.

In my best state-the-obvious kind of way, I'm announcing: I've changed the look of the Money Pit.

I've been itching for something different for a while now, but just decided on a whim today to pull the trigger. You might be thinking: But dude, it's boring. It's, like, almost plain white. Blech. Which is sort of true, but I like to think of it as more 'refined' and 'calming'. Not so 'busy'.

It's an experiment in taking things a step back and simplifying. Same colourful personality with significantly less competition from a colourful background. I might change my mind again in future (because if anything's for sure about me, it's that nothing is ever for sure), but for now I'm kind of digging the stripped-back look and feel. We're getting classy all up in here, y'all!