07 March 2013

Preview | Coastal Getaway with Andrew Richard Designs

This past Tuesday I attended Andrew Richard Designs 2013 collection preview at their Adelaide Street East showroom, and it was all over lovely. The presentations, the catering, the company and most especially the collection, were a real treat (for the eyes, and otherwise).

If you're not familiar with Andrew Richard Designs, you're probably not alone. It would seem they are the best kept secret in the design industry that's in fact not a secret at all.

ARD is a Canadian purebred led by brothers Andrew and Richard Bockner, from a family-owned company that spans nearly 50 years in business. Here's a bit of brief history, pulled from their website (because really, they say it best):
Andrew Richard Designs (ARD) offers a varied and beautiful selection of chic, luxurious, yet durable outdoor furnishings that can transform any space into a functional and decadent retreat. With an impressive global slate of high-end hotels and celebrities among their clientele, the duo have been prominent figures in a design movement that is revolutionizing the way North American's view their outdoor spaces. 
The Bockners have deep roots in the industry; a thoroughly Canadian brand, ARD evolved from Cana-Foam Products Inc., a family business that has been successfully producing outdoor accoutrements for over four decades. Founded by Cecil and Donald Bockner in 1964, Cana-Foam manufactures cushions and umbrellas for mass merchant and independent retailers. Cana-Foam was also one of the first companies in Canada to import synthetic, outdoor-friendly woven furniture.
This is them. But at a different party.

Their client list includes the Fairmont Hotels and Resorts, Four Seasons Hotels, The Ritz Carlton, Molson Amphitheatre, Canada's Wonderland, the National Ballet School, Sandals Resorts, Intrawest and most recently, Disney. The list literally goes on and on.

And seriously, you guys? Their stuff is gorgeous. In the most ironic of ways (because I think it's fair to say we're not really "yard people"), it really made me wish our backyard was substantially bigger!

For such a large expanse of real estate (12,000 square feet!) the gathering was surprisingly intimate. Catered by Toben Food by Design, the evening featured more than its share of delicious food and drink, all beautifully presented, naturally.

I even ran into a couple of blogger friends -- shout out to Jennifer and Tim! -- who were taking in the sights as well. 

All in, it was a great preview. If you're in the market for exceptionally well-made outdoor furniture in sleek, sexy designs and an array of beautiful fabrics that will blow your mind, you'll make to check out ARD. And designers, now's the time to be thinking about custom designs (for summer delivery), so get your thinking caps on and your creative juices flowing. Summer's calling!