28 February 2013

The Dinosaur Dilemma

While out shopping this weekend for woven baskets for A's room, I stumbled across something else for the house that Daryn and I aren't quite seeing eye to eye on. The nature of our domestic can be summarized in two words:

We're different.

In a few more words than that:

We have different understandings of the meaning of the word "need".
We have very different visions for the house: for Daryn, beige isn't a colour, it's the colour. 'Nuff said.
I am full of whimsy (and other stuff, too, but mostly whimsy). Daryn is (a little bit, creatively) dead inside.

The root cause of our dispute? This.

I want this table, you guys. I neeeeed it. It's more than just a little awesome. It's MEGA awesome. If this was some sort of alternate universe in which our furniture was actually prehistoric dinosaurs, this would be the TYRANNOSAURUS REX of furniture! Oh, wait....

Anyway, I feel very firmly that a place should be found in our house for this table to come and live. I will obviously have to spray paint it ~ I hate the silver, but wouldn't it be dashing in gold, or in A's room in hot pink? ~ and I will probably name it Steve. Just sayin'

Daryn, on the other hand, does not feel the same. He has a vision of our living room (which is where I was thinking Steve would live) as being a very "adult" space. By adult he means "traditional". He only really likes one colour. That colour is beige. Sometimes he likes variations on a theme: brown, tan, khaki.... greige. That's about the extent of it. A maybe-hot-pink-slash-gold T-Rex table is not his idea of mature decorating.

But dudes, look at it. LOOK.

How can we not?? It might not make us the most mature decorators on earth, but it would sure make us fun. We'll be the T-Rex's of fun, right?

Back me up on this, guys. Would you put this table in your house? Should I?

Table and image via Urban Barn