06 July 2012

What I Did This Weekend, Part III: We're On A ROLL!

As you'll soon figure out, this post has been sitting in the can for quite a few months. It's really a testament to the kind of glacial pace we work on around these parts, but at least it's done!

Not only did we kick the storage area's arse a couple of {weeks} months back which I
bragged blogged about here, but we also that same weekend got around to "installing" new lights in the main floor hallway, which have been collecting dust in the dining room hutch for about a year (I've told you things happen more slowly around here; sand could turn to glass in the time it takes us to complete simple projects!).  Well it's all happening now, folks, and I've got the photographic evidence to prove it.

Construction chic?  Not so much.  These are the two beauties we started with ~ you can see why they needed replacing!
Man at work.  I'm in the background providing direction and moral support
Ta-DA!  Fancy new light, all installed and working and everything

The second light was, per usual, a bit more challenging.  For whatever reason, the previous inhabitants (my grandfather is the culprit) chipped away around the junction box in an uneven and, let's be honest, completely ridiculous way.  I'm sure he had his reasons, but still.  We mounted the light anyway and while it was perfect on the left side, the big gaping hole on the right side was just unacceptable.  So down it came again, and a few extra steps were inserted into the process:

  1. Deep sighs and some mild cursing
  2. Dig out the spackle from the furnace room
  3. Discover it's dried out: need to go shopping!
  4. Utter a few more choice words
  5. Off to the Depot!  Pick up two halogen bulbs (opt for 35w instead of 50w for reasons unclear) + Poly Fila.  Selecting the spackle takes upwards of 15 minutes.  Too many choices = 9 minutes of debate and one mild argument
  6. Back home in the car; realize we only picked up two bulbs when we need four.  I make a mad face and a long "grrrrrrrr" noise for two blocks
  7. Arrive!  Spackle needs something to grip onto, so doweling rods are splintered and stuffed into the hole
  8. Daryn fills the hole while I put bulbs in the already-installed light.  Determine that 35w is too dim.  Double-grrrrr

  9. Wait 24 hours 8 months
Shoving the dowels in there all nice and cozy-like
Placing them just so
Admiring the view, pre-sanding: a clearly superior poly fil job

Fast forward to now (because we work like greased lightning over here) plus one fully painted hallway and ceiling (and much teeth-gnashing, many tubes of Poly Fila and the occasional four letter word) and finally, THE REVEAL:

It's not perfect. Not even close, actually. No matter how much Poly Fila we pushed into the hole, there's still a little gap. Closer look:


It's OK, though. I think we're going to end up installing some little medallions instead; I'm not loving the unfinished feeling of the fixtures as they stand so a little embellishment will be just the ticket, I think, and will totally hide that farking hole. For now, though, they're UP! And not dangling down from the ceiling threatening us with third-degree light bulb burns or possible electrocution every minute of every day. So that's pretty awesome.

And that's pretty much the long weekend in a nutshell. Anyone else finally get around to completing a project that's been languishing on your to-do list for days/weeks/months? Let's hear about it!