03 July 2012

What I Did This Weekend, Part I: HAPPY CANADA DAY!

Confession: I sort of dislike long weekends. Not the idea of an extra day off (when I was working) or of hanging with the hubby (now that he's the only one working): three days of home-time is always way better than two. But long weekends are a catch-22 in my book: while on one hand I appreciate the extra time and the shortened work week afterward, on the other hand I'm resentful of statutory holidays that close down all my favourite and/or essential haunts, forces me to stay home and not accomplish any of the fifty thousand things I'd like to use the extra day off to do. Especially frustrating when I get into the middle of something and realize I'm missing a critical tool or piece of equipment, and all the stores at which I might obtain said tool or piece of equipment are CLOSED FOR THE HOLIDAY. So my project is abandoned midway and incomplete, where it joins all the other projects that I've abandoned on all the other holidays. And my resentment of statutory holidays grows and grows.

Another confession: I sort of loved this long weekend. I was still ticked off yesterday when I ran low on some grocery items and realized I would just have to make do with what I had in the fridge (none of which pleased me), but the dinner challenge was a small blip on the radar of an otherwise totally awesome weekend and I have to admit, I really dig a long weekend when everything is open on the actual holiday, and closed on just a regular day. I wouldn't have thought it would make a difference but it turns out? It's really lovely to visit markets and shop for essentials and just generally be out and about in the community while everyone is feeling super cheerful and celebratory.

Such was the case on Canada Day, when my mum, my little one and I hit the Aberfoyle Market and a few other shops in search of a new quilt for A's room. While we ultimately weren't successful (or, more accurately, A. found one she loved but was quickly shot down by both my mum and I. Sage green and salmon? No. I can't work with that. Moving on!), we did manage to scratch up some sweet finds that I WISH we had brought home with us. Maybe next time.

The Princess and her throne. Too bad it was already sold.

Because everyone needs a life-sized fiberglass shark. Obviously.

My mum was seriously tempted by this beauty ...

And I was seriously tempted by these.

Headdress? Uniform? Jaunty umbrella? Vintage specs? SOLD!

Remarkably and uncomfortably difficult to explain to a 9-year-old. But still pretty freaking hilarious.

After a day of shopping we played, we worked on some household projects, we grocery shopped and had dinner, and then we headed out to the town fairgrounds to watch the fireworks. The teenager was all, Yeah, I guess I'll go but the little one was keen, and watching her face during the show was almost more fun than the show itself. Nine years old is turning out to be sort of a sweet spot for A. ~ she's over the wild mood swings and tantrums that plagued her younger years, but is still young enough to be filled with wonder and amazement at something as simple as hanging with your mom and watching a firework display. I wish I had thought to bring my camera but I didn't (like usual), so you'll just have to take my word for it that it was spectacular.

And that was pretty much my weekend: awesome. How was yours? What shenanigans did y'all get up to celebrating Canada's 145th?