23 July 2012

I'm Cleaning ALL The Things!

OR: There's A Very Good Reason Why I've Been Missing For More Than A Week, And It Smells Like Lemon Pledge.

Thank you so much to everyone who shared your thoughts on the issue of multi-generational housing last week; your thoughtful and supportive comments are very much appreciated and as always, I marvel at how awsmazing the blogging community really is!

Now on to other business! What the H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks have I been doing this past week that I haven't been online, like, AT ALL? Because it's true: I was ignoring everything: the Money Pit (at least online), Hard Lemonade, Facebook, TWITTER. Seriously, it happened. So what exactly happened here that didn't involve the star ship Enterprise, a certain swashbuckling Captain in a tight red suit, and the appearance of an unfortunately-timed wormhole?


Clean is what happened here. And it. is. glorious.

I've taken rooms that look like this:


And beat them into submission rehabbed them into rooms that look like this:


Awwww, yeah.

And that's not the only room I've tackled: most of my MAIN FLOOR looks like this. Countless bags of garbage and even MORE bags to GoodWill, and we're all really starting to feel a little lighter around here.

Tomorrow? J's room.