28 June 2012

What I Was Up To Yesterday


J. graduated middle school yesterday with an awards ceremony last night, graduation dance at the school and {can you believe this?} poolside after-party at the house of one of their fellow graduates. Crazy. And apparently exhausting. He's currently skipping most of his last day of school today and "sleeping it off" deep into the morning (all that pop and chips and midnight swimming really takes it out of a buddy); I expect he'll wake up in time to clear out his locker and the head to the next party, an end-of-year celebration being thrown by another graduate. Holy cow.

I hadn't realized grade 8 grad was such a big deal, but evidently, it's huge. Most of the kids will be moving on to a new high school that's opening this September; they'll be the first students to attend. A small handful - J. among them - will attend a smaller, established high school on the other side of town. (Point of interest? It's the same high school I attended, and my mum and her brothers before me: the benefits of a small town.) Old relationships will be forgotten; new relationships will be formed. His social construct will change dramatically over the next few months, in ways he can't even begin to imagine, and though he doesn't realize it, it's begun already. His world is changing ~ he's changing ~ and last night brought him one step closer.

Adios, middle school. Thanks for the memories, grade 8. It's been a slice.

J. (on the right) and his buddy L.

The boy and his proud parents

J. and his grandmother (my mum)

L-R: Matthew (my brother), me, J., Mum {or 'Grimmy', as the kids call her), Daryn