07 June 2012

Janet Leigh Ain't Got Nothin' On Me Right Now

Every now and again as I'm chug-chug-chugging through life I come up against something - an event, an appointment, a deadline - that lights a considerable bonfire under my butt and throws me into an absolute panic. And folks? I'm panicking. Like, full-blown, short-of-breath, cold-sweats, laugh-cry panicking, and all because of this bad-boy date:

JULY 7, 2012
{insert long, drawn-out, Janet-Leigh-in-the-shower-scene type scream here}

Part of the reason the Money Pit exists in the first place was to keep out-of-town family and friends abreast of our renovations, decorations and general goings-on. I have no idea whether said family actually reads the blog, but it still stands that they were the driving force behind: it is, after all, their childhood home.

Side note: Say whaaat? What am I talking about? Long story short: Daryn and I moved back to Milton, where I was born and raised, in 2004. We purchased my grandparents house, the only family home my mum and her brothers ever had. You can check out the whole story here.

Additional note: Clearly the claim that we'd be finished our renovations in two years was a complete lie, but everything else is true.

So what's this got to do with anything? And why am I still screaming?

Because July 7 is the date the family flies in to Ontario for a two-week visit, and will mark the first time they've set foot in the house since 2004.

And I am

I should clarify that beyond losing my I mind a little bit I am also super-excited: my out-west family members are totally awesomesauce and we definitely don't get to see each other as often as I would like. I love them ~ I could gush about them for hours ~ and I'm totally stoked to hang with them for two whole weeks. It's just the house, you see. The house is not ready, people.

But ever one to find opportunity in crisis, it's clearly time to revisit ye olde To-Do List and to


... but for realz this time. I've got four weeks, folks. FOUR WEEKS. To get a whole boatload of stuff done that, yes, if we're being honest, probably should have been done months if not years ago. Because we're over-achievers like that. Let's not judge. The point is, we're doing it now but the list is long, friends, and a little overwhelming. This might just teach me not to procrastinate.

Probably not though.

But I guess that's beside the point.

The POINT is, here's the list:


  • Front yard
    • Collect the wooden ties (currently creating a loose "border") from around the lawn and store in rock garden
    • "Round Up" (read: kill off) the entire front lawn
    • Rake up dead lawn
    • Till
    • Dig out border trenches and lay wooden ties
    • Create patio-stone pad at street level for garbage cans (so we don't kill the new clover on garbage days by piling our bins on top)
    • Seed with clover seed
    • Water 'til the cows come home ... or the family does
    • Plant some new plants in the planters (you know, curb appeal at what not)
  • Backyard
    • Clear out any garbage and debris
    • Power wash the patio
    • Tarp the pool
    • Remount shed door (it fell off. I don't know why)
    • Mow the weeds back to an acceptable level; clear out the debris
  • Transition
    • Replace the screens in both front and back screen doors
    • Tidy up the upper driveway/transition to the backyard, just to make it a little more presentable and a little less trailer park-y

  • Paint the outstanding window and door trim in kitchen and living room
  • Apply final coat of paint to the hallway ceiling
  • Paint hallway ceiling trim and install
  • Touch-ups as required
  • Install hallway lights
  • Hang artwork
  • Paint master bedroom
  • Install master bedroom chandelier
  • Cleancleancleancleancleancleancleancleancleancleancleancleancleancleancleancleanclean

And that bullet with the strike-through text? Yeah, that's pretty much the only thing we've accomplished so far, which probably explains why right now I'm totally living in PANIC ATTACK CITY.

Countdown = 30 days.
No more, no less.
Holy crap.

One month to get the whole list done: ready .... Set .... GO!!!!