06 February 2012


Last week I was out running errands and decided to drop in to our local GoodWill, just to see if anything exciting was up.  As it turns out, there was quite a bit of excitement: GW was having a day-long 50%-off-everything-in-the-store sale and people were going nuts for it!  If I was looking for a quick in-and-out I definitely picked the wrong day, but when I spotted some cute little finds that I just couldn't go home without so I had no choice but to hunker down, grit my teeth and wait out the (huge!) lines.

It was totally worth it, though.  Here are the little beauties that came home with me:

Cut glass pear-shaped ring holder

Set of 3 little dessert plates ~ I {heart} the pebble detailing in the centre

Milk glass bud vase

For two bucks (after the 50% discount), you can't go wrong, right?  Have you found anything interesting on your thrifting travels recently?  What sort of awesomeness have you scored?