07 February 2012

It's {So} Easy, Being Green ...

For a long time now I've been lusting after getting some house plants, but my reputation as a green mother isn't the best and I've been hesitant to pull the trigger.  I can keep kids alive, and dogs; WHY do plants give me such trouble??

A few weeks back, though, I plucked up my courage and while rummaging around Ikea during the big office revamp, we picked up a few plants to dress up the living room credenza, the office desk, and to give some life to an unused, sort-of-barren-looking corner of the room.  What the hell, right?  They're just plants.  If they die, they die: we'll just get new ones!!

Two of the three Ikea greenie babies

And it would seem that the Universe is fully onside with the plant plan: since bringing the first three home we've picked up another not one, not two but THREE little green family members.  Woot woot!

The special of the week at Loblaw's last week (you know how, if you spend over such-and-such amount, they give you a "free gift"? Some weeks it's a $25 gift card ~ my fave ~ and others it's a big ol' box of crab legs or a men's grooming kit or a 20lb. bag of jasmine rice {wtf?}.  Last week it was tropical plants) and just for the pleasure of spending two hundred and fifty bones on groceries that my kid will inhale before any of the rest of us get our forks into them, I got to take these two beauties home with me!

The big one in the corner, not the little one on the credenza ... Little Guy came from Ikea

I intended to put the big guy in a limestone planter box we already owned, which I didn't know at the time was going to be too small (you can see in the photo above; he definitely needs a more substantial pot).  I hadn't yet transferred him to the pot and figured out the sizing thing, though, when I trotted out to the Home Depot to get a pot for the other guy, since I had nothing on hand that I thought he would look good in.  And while shopping, wouldn't you know it?  I found ANOTHER plant that I fell in love with and, since it was on sale anyway, just HAD to bring home with me.

Admire the fine greenery {ignore the mess on the table!}

And don't worry, he's supposed to be all tilty and droopy like that.  I'm not killing him already.

I haven't named any of them yet because I don't want to get attached too soon, before I know they're going to make it (though the Ikea plants are still going strong a few weeks later, which is something.  Usually I've killed at least one by now) but I'm loving the splash of colour and life they give the house, especially dude in the corner of the living room.  I've been desperate for a plant in that space for so long, and it's more perfect than I had even imagined.  Next step is to get a pot that actually fits the big guy, and then just to coast along keeping them alive and kicking! {which will be a miracle}

Am I the only one who has a dark, murderous history with house plants?  Anyone else's thumb more of the black persuasion than green?  How did you manage to overcome it, if you did?

Otherwise, that's all the news that is news in our little corner of the world today.  Tune in tomorrow for this month's edition of Design This Dish!