01 February 2012

IDS12: A Photo Journal

I'll keep the yip-yap to a minimum this time around (try not to die of the shock) since I'm sure the IDS show has been chewed over and picked at as much as it can possibly be, and I'm equally sure there's nothing substantial I could add to the discourse.  As expected, there were many elements of great beauty and great design that I ooohed and aaaahed over (and a few others that made me pause and sort of go, say whaaat?)  Outside of a lot of bathroom stuff (like, a lot) which I admit I skipped over for the most part, since my bathrooms are just this side of completely done, the usual suspects were out in force with a bevy of beautiful, if not always cutting edge, products and merchandise.  Here are a few of my favourites:

I love the work of Philippe and Anne Pallafray, as seen in my One of a Kind Christmas Craft show roundup here. They're definitely on my wish list of must-have furniture.
Have I ever mentioned my love of dressmaker's Judy's and mannequins in general?  Maybe creepy, maybe not. That one covered with mirrored tiles is dead sexy regardless.
I loved the low-slung, natural fibre sofa and the marble coffee tables, but the killer graphic
element of the lounge was the library.  Hugely impractical, though.
Always gorgeous, always sexy, and Union Jacks never lose their appeal. Nothing new, but classics are always in style.
Taxidermy and its ilk just never get old for me. Will this trend ever go out of style? I deerly hope not (yuk yuk yuk)
MASON at the How Do You Live? Exhibit
I love the infinity edge dining table but ...
.... what were they trying to accomplish with a toilet in the dining area? That's a little too "circle of life" for my taste.
The contemporary art was pretty cool, though

I have a weakness for lighting, in particular for suspension and pendant lighting. The fine, hand-crafted work of AM Studio just took my breath away.

This brand new store (grand opening is February 24!) is right in my wheelhouse: weird, creepy, industrial and hugely unique.  If you're in the market for one-of-a-kind, vintage items, this shop is for you.   Very fresh; very fresh indeed.

With only two visits under my belt to IDS (this year and last), I'll be curious to see how the show and my response to it evolves over time.  I'm already looking forward to next year!!  One final pic before we bid adieu to the show:

Not the best photo, I know, but I wanted to show you the walls "papered" in peacock feathers.  I'm not sure where you'd even get enough feathers to do this, nor anyone who would have the patience to apply them one by one, but what a fabulous look!  It was totally, unabashedly, stunningly gorgeous

Be sure to check in tomorrow when I reveal the winner of last week's vote on our exterior pendant light!

Credits: All images par moi!