23 January 2012

The Monday Report

I'm addicted to Pinterest. There, I've said it.  I joined up last week (was it just last week???) and since then have been staring and sorting and pinning beautiful images 'til my eyes are ready to drop out of my head.  How did I live without this before?  And WHY?

Regardless of how late I am to the pinny-party, I'm there now!  If you haven't already, pop over and check me out.

In other news, I've been working on some little projects in between dying of the black plague.  I decided late last week that A's mirror had been sitting in the basement collecting dust long enough, and hauled out my can of spray paint to have a go.  Important lessons were learned:
  1. My ability to estimate spray paint requirements for a project is vastly under-developed. I fully expected that one can of paint would be enough for a 3' x 3.5' mirror, and I was W.R.O.N.G. Working on my second can now, and may go back for a third. Time will tell.
  2. Face masks are really, honestly, truly, indisputably necessary. I gassed myself nearly to death on day #1, spraying away with abandon with an uncovered face. Stupid. I figured I should stop when I was thisclose to passing out and nearly fell down (not super-great for someone already having enough difficulty breathing this week!) and spent the night tossing and turning with nightmares that my lungs were white inside and a little shellacked.
  3. It takes a lot of time and a lot of patience to get just the right coverage and finish.  On the second day I was pretty frustrated, in that I expected to apply one or two coats and ta-da! It'd be ready to hang. I'm on coat four and I still see some shadows under the paint. The coverage is good, but it needs more before I'll be satisfied, so I'm having to keep my impatience in check.
I'm also working on the fabulous new mailbox I found at Rona over the weekend: perfect shape, perfect size, perfect weight.  Just not the perfect colour.  It's currently a very utilitarian stainless steel but our preference is for black, so it's downstairs in the pit with a first coat of black Tremclad as well.  I think, though, that I forgot to shake the can before I sprayed (can I blame it on the cold medication?) because it's a little thick and sticky.  I think I'm going to have to sand the first coat lightly to get rid of the bumps before applying a second but again, lesson learned!  By the end of these projects I'm going to be a spray painting pro!!

No pics yet that I can share with you of either project, since I want them to be before-and-after surprises, so I'll leave you with a totally random picture of this gorgeous bathroom, for no reason other than it made me happy to look at it.  'Til tomorrow!

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