02 January 2012

Homemade Art

For Christmas her grandparents gave the Girl a sparkling 3-D paint activity kit, from Faber-Castell's Creativity for Kids line.  We have a long history with this brand and I've loved pretty much every activity we've ever tried (I think the make-your-own-lip-balm was probably my favourite overall, but really, how can you choose?), and this newest kit was no exception.

So she broke out her new paints and her creativity this weekend, and here's what we ended up with ...

I think it's pretty good for her first attempt, considering she created it freehand on a piece of saran wrap with paint squeezed from tubes.  You can't really get a sense of the "sparkly" part of the sparkling 3-D paint in this photo, so here's another where it's much more apparent:

See?  Sparkly.

It's actually really pretty and looks sort of like a tiny little Warhol-esque stained glass piece ...

OK, no.  That's just a loving mum talking.  It
actually looks like a giant pink blob that has frayed edges like a rat's been nibbling on them, but it's true that the light shines it through it like stained glass, and that it looks sort of pretty all stuck to our window and stuff.  And it makes her happy to see her artwork all over the house, and that's what counts most.

Have you tried the Creativity for Kids line with your own kidlets?  What's your favourite activity?