28 December 2011

Our Regularly Scheduled Programming Has Resumed ...

This morning I had to admit to myself that I had run out of holiday-related excuses to avoid my ever-expanding To Do list <sad face>

Since the beginning of last week I was legitimately able to cite shopping and wrapping and baking and cooking and cleaning as reasonable reasons why NOT to be painting and editing and organizing.  That centerpiece alone took more than an hour of fiddling and fooling around to get it just right, and of course was totally worth it (read: it didn't even get used at all over dinner; we had too many dishes to accommodate on the table so my beautiful centerpiece got relegated to the coffee table during our holiday dinner!)  Then, obviously, were the Big Events themselves: three full days of Christmas cheer that was all kinds of wonderful, but tiring too.  Which brings us to yesterday, when I parked my butt on the couch from sun up to sundown, ate leftovers and watched tv until my brains started to leak out my ears I felt sufficiently recovered.

Now, with a week and a half left of my Christmas break before classes begin again and nothing more to do for the holidays except pack up all the decorations and begin the countdown to next year, it's time to start doing something productive around here!  I decided today is the perfect day to break out my trusty paint brushes and a can or two of paint, and go to town.  Specifically, I'm tackling my poor, downtrodden, ignored-for-more-than-a-year bathroom door, which desperately needs some good old lipstick-and-rouge attention.  She's looking pretty sad, I won't lie.  But I've got one coat on already, and hopefully by the end of the day she'll look good as new!

You'll notice that the middle panel isn't receiving any love with the paint, which is totally intentional on my part.  Eventually this will sport a flashy new piece of wallpaper, to give it some interest in an otherwise pretty boring hallway.  Layered on top of the wallpaper will be a piece of artwork, but both the art and the wall covering (which I hope to find a scrap of instead of having to buy an entire roll, saving both money and the environment) are as yet to be determined/found.  The rest of her, though, will be Benjamin Moore's Oxford White in a high gloss finish (the better to keep her clean, my dear ...) and since the painting is the most finicky and time consuming part of decorating her, I'll be pleased to get that done and off my plate.  Update photos to follow!