16 December 2011

Making My Life List

I'm a great believer in "things happen for a reason" and as a result I don't think that at a time when I'm making great changes in my life, that I came across Nicole's Life List over at Making it Lovely by accident in early November.  A life list, to clarify by her definition, is not a bucket list.  It is not comprised of things one must do or check off before one dies.  It's more of a guide: a helpful checklist to encourage a buddy to remain open to new experiences and not to underestimate or overlook the huge importance of life's smaller moments.  It's entirely likely that not everything on a life list will get a little check mark of completion, but that's OK too.  Sometimes it's just the process of writing it all down that's important.

So reading her list got me thinking about my own life, which is in complete disarray right now, and about what's important to me on both a personal and professional level.  When I started making my own list, I found it a bit difficult to distinguish between a life and a bucket list, so I suppose mine is a bit of an amalgamation of both.  There are certainly things I can live without, though they'd be nice (seeing London, New York and Paris) but there are many more that I can't, so for me writing these down (and updating them frequently) is a way of harnessing my natural list-making tendencies and putting them to work in achieving my dreams.

Things I would like to:
·    Get a fifth tattoo
·    And a sixth
·    Flip a house for profit
·    Ice skate on the Rideau Canal
·    Work for a not-for-profit agency
·    Host a murder mystery dinner party for friends that requires us to dress up “in character”
·    Prepare a cookbook of family recipes, and cook everything in it at least once
·    Develop an original recipe
·    Take a photography course
·    Create a family time capsule
·    Spend a night at every former CP and CN Hotel (that are still standing) and bring home a poster to commemorate it
·    Invent something useful
·    Own season’s tickets to the Raptors
·    Volunteer at an animal shelter
·    Meet Tommy Smythe
·    Meet Margaret Atwood
·    Build a porch and/or deck with my own two hands
·    Rock a fascinator
·    ... the Northern lights
·    ... a wolf pack in the wild
·    ... an NDP federal government in my lifetime
·    ... London from the top of the London Eye, Paris from the Eiffel Tower and New York from the Empire State Building
·    ... my son graduate high school
·    ... my daughter graduate high school
·    ... my son graduate university
·    ... my daughter graduate university
·    ... how to knit: a scarf, a hat, mittens and a sweater
·    ... how to hotwire a car
·    ... to converse in sign language
·    ... to embrace my ancestry
·    ... to drive stick shift
·    ... when to stop talking
·    ... to play a musical instrument
·    ... to make fresh pasta
·    ... to line dance
·    Travel with the whole family overseas to live and work for a year
·    Participate in a séance
·    Ride in a hot air balloon
·    Travel across Canada by train, east to west, in the winter time
·    Take another trip to Disney World with the kids
·    Take a trip to Disney World with our grandkids
·    Become a locavore for at least one full season
·    Spend time teaching my children how to cook our family recipes
·    Attend a Barenaked Ladies concert (the original band ... I’m hoping they’ll do a reunion tour)
·    Attend a taping of the Colbert Report
·    Watch my boys ski the Rockies
·    Eat food I’ve grown myself
·    Write a book
·    Have my work published (it doesn’t have to be the book)
·    Celebrate every year of marriage happily
·    Live entirely debt-free
·    Earn a professional award (I’m not picky about what or when)
·    Renovate and expand our kitchen, to make it the heart of our home
·    Run for the Cure
·    Own my own business
·    Become a patron of the arts
·    Have my home featured in a design and decor magazine
·    Develop a signature style
·    Make a comfortable living doing something I love
The list is designed to change over time as I cross off completed items and add new ones.  The beauty of a list like this is that it's not finite, and it will grow and change as I do.  It's my hope (and my goal!) to update it often.