27 December 2011

Images of Christmas (Just) Past ...

Christmas chaos ... the storm before the calm
Gingerbread masterpiece courtesy of one 13-year-old, one 8-year-old, one four-year-old and one toddler
An intense game of Candy Land on Christmas Eve
Cuddles with A, little J and Dad/Uncle Daryn
(darned red-eye! this would be an amazing pic otherwise ... got to figure out how to fix that)
J and little J, horsing around
'Twas the night before Christmas ....
Opening stockings ... J's already engrossed in a book (within 2.7 seconds)
Dwarf African frogs = apparently the best Santa gift ever.
Everybody, meet Ginger and Swimmy.  Ginger and Swimmy, this is everybody ...
Tuckered out after a busy morning of opening presents and eating homemade quiche and tortiere
Christmas night at Poppa and Grandma's

I hope everyone had as wonderful a holiday as we did, filled with good times and good food with loved ones.  We are truly blessed.