21 December 2011

Holiday Centrepiece = Done!!

Yesterday I mentioned my dollar-ninety-nine steal-of-a-deal spruce bough purchase from the Superstore and promised to share what I was doing with them (with no stairs or railings, and no fireplace, evergreen branches aren't necessarily an intuitive decoration in our house).  Well, here they are!

Aren't the candles gorgeous?  My lovely, super-handy friend was inspired by the leftover wood from the failed birdhouse project and made us each a matching set of three candles.  Not only are they so beautiful and exactly the kind of simple, rustic decoration that I love, but I have a laugh every time I look at them, too, thinking about the fun we had trying to make that damn birdhouse work!  They're perfect as our Christmas centrepiece.

The boughs were originally a lot larger and more fulsome, obviously, but after 40 minutes or so of stacking them this way and that and attempting (unsuccessfully) to nestle the candles in amongst them in an artful yet contained way, I gave up.

I borrowed A's round silver tray (which usually lives on her dresser and is home to her trinkets, her rock collection and her fish tank before the fish jumped out of the bowl and committed suicide) and I used it to corral the candle holders and provide a contained base for the evergreen.  I stripped some little branchlets from the main stems and just started filling the gaps, paying some close attention to making sure the branches were't flat.  They've all got a little movement to them, which is exactly what I was looking for.  The crowning touches, I think, are the two little birds, also brought by my friend when she surprised me with the candles.  They're just the perfect little detail to give the whole centrepiece some life and some whimsy.

Love it.  Now I just need to dust off the china and set the table, and it'll be turkey-ready!