30 December 2011

Best Wishes in 2012!

As the new year approaches, which we'll ring in as a family at home with take-out Thai food and a movie marathon in our pajamas, I got to thinking about the proverbial resolution process, and of what mine should be this year.

Speaking personally, I find the week after the holidays to be restful and happy as we hunker in at home, but also a little sad as another year closes out.  I suppose it's because my kids are both January babies, too, that the month makes me a wee bit blue: it's exciting to mark each and every milestone with them but as every year comes to an end, it closes not just on the possibilities for that calendar year but also another year on their childhoods.  Soon enough (too soon for this mum) it will be time to celebrate their coming-of-age and to encourage them to venture out on their own, and as the clock strikes midnight on the 31st and the new year is born, that time creeps closer.  I'd like to hold it off for as long as possible, but time waits for no mum, and so it goes.

So this year, instead of making resolutions that are bound to be broken, I'm making a commitment instead.  Too often I find myself getting bogged down in the negative and the mundane, and then all of a sudden a year has passed ... and another ... and another!  And I've missed out on all the great things that happened by turning my eye elsewhere.

Instead, I want to capture and focus on all the small, wonderful things that happen in our lives every day (you know the ones: attending your child's school holiday concert in the middle of the day, because you have the time to do so, or the perfect cup of tea AND 15 minutes with nothing to do but sit and drink it while it's piping hot ...) that are often overlooked.  
I'm calling my project 365 Blessings and I'm going to chronicle these blessings over the course of the year, to be shared with you all on December 31, 2012.  My commitment is to celebrate the lovely, the sweet, the exceptional and the banal ... everything that makes my life wonderful and me the luckiest woman alive.

Happy new year, everyone, and may your lives be filled with blessings as well.