16 November 2011

Travel Photo Album ~ More Cuba Snaps!

Daryn's pre-departure lunch at Pearson ~ appropriately, a Cuban sandwich
A pretty and practical flower stall that struck my fancy in Havana
The gorgeous, sun-filled cupola of one of Havana's oldest cathedrals
Our traditional Cuban lunch while on tour; it was one of the best we had all week
Strays were everywhere - cats, dogs, you name it - and they wrung my tender little pet-loving Canadian heart
Even the pigeons looked like they had mange
The amazing detail of these marble busts (of Cuban military leaders) blew my mind
Not. Right.
I was obsessed with these gorgeous waxy purple plants outside our resort room
Varadero beach ... too pretty ...
Another stray, who shared our fried chicken lunch in Varadero (but turned his nose up at the rice and beans)
The Godpigeon and his lieutenant giving tourists the feathery eyeball
Chicken on the loose and little girl in hot pursuit
Daryn couldn't get over (or get enough of!) these football-helmet-shaped cabs in Varadero
Awsmazing wedding favours
My favourite balcony
Our reason for being there ~ XO to the happy couple