04 November 2011

November 2011 Top 10 | Accessible Area Rugs

One of the recent projects I'm working on at school is custom designing an 8'x10' area rug.  Our mandate is to create a style-neutral piece, meaning not too traditional and not too contemporary, for the client's front foyer.  It must be balanced and unified but not symmetrical, and will be viewed not only from the front door (and, presumably from connecting rooms to the foyer like the living room and kitchen) but also from a 2nd floor landing.  There can be no distinctive "top" or "bottom".

It's an interesting exercise from a creative standpoint (how do I incorporate design influences I've seen over the years but still make my design unique?  How do I ride the borderline between traditional and contemporary, and ensure my one design makes sense in any space?  What speaks to me personally; what would I want in my own foyer?) and it got me to thinking: what are the best carpets on the market right now?  What's my style and which are my favourites?  What rugs would make my
TOP 10?

A short note about the rules for this month - the title says "accessible" area rugs, by which I mean two things:

  1. Available for purchase via general retail, and not anything open to the trades only, and
  2. Not prohibitively expensive, as a general rule.
Now I admit, in some cases I broke my own rule, but I'm skating by on the fact that I don't actually know how expensive those carpets are (pricing is available upon request, and I didn't request it!).  Those carpets are captured under the first of my two parameters (and maybe the second ... who can say??) but generally, the rugs listed below are not only available to the public, they also aren't overly aggressive on the pocketbook.

So without further ado, welcome to this month's
TOP 10!

#10 -
"Emmeline" by Korhani & Style at Home ~ C$ prices vary (please visit the website for details)
Earlier this year, Korhani of Canada and Style at Home magazine collaborated to create two fabulous rug designs in three sizes and six attractive colorways.  All six options are very stylish (I wouldn't expect any less from either company) and incredibly affordable; in fact, I have both designs in my own home!  Featured above is Emmeline in red which is, unfortunately, sold out; however, visit the Korhani website for other color and design options.  Get yours soon as these are offered for a limited time only, and that time is coming to an end very shortly!

#9 -
"B164" Contemporary Collection by Avenue Rug ~ $ pricing available upon request
Yes, it's loud.  And not my usual taste.  But imagine, if you will, the magnitude of sins this carpet would hide!  I would love it in a contemporary dining room or even better, a vibrant and colorful family room that the whole family would find stimulating and welcoming.  The options (and opportunities) with the rug are endless!

#8 -
"Caprice Damask" in Platinum through Weaver's Art ~ C$ pricing available upon request
Pretty much everything in the Weaver's Art collection makes is completely drool-worthy, but in my humble opinion this carpet is especially so.  I love the subtlety of the design and the color, but it still has a richness that rugs of similar pattern and hue don't always possess.  I can imagine this rug looking very at home in nearly every room: a calm and restful master bedroom, a chic dining room, a classic living with contemporary accents ... in the case of this carpet, one style really does fit all.

#7 -
"Stockholm Rand" at IKEA ~ C$229.00
 The flat weave of this graphic carpet makes it incredibly versatile, and (though it's not explicitly recommended) makes it an excellent option for both indoor AND outdoor use.  The elongated checkerboard pattern gives it motion, but the achromatic color scheme makes it a great neutral backdrop for any room.  And the price?  Well, you just can beat it.

#6 -
"Samantha" through Pottery Barn ~ C$164.36 - $606.91 (currently on sale online)
This rug is a big winner for me, mostly on account of the colorway.  In a word (and eight letters), it's G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S.  And because there are so many colors in this pretty pattern, it can be successfully integrated into any number of interiors, and makes a great inspiration point to jump off from for any room.  It's slightly too formal for any room in our own house, but I can assure you I'm tempted on a daily basis ...

#5 -
"Tribal-Chobi" via Ten Thousand Villages ~ C$8,275.00
OK, yes, this is quite an expensive rug but in all seriousness, have you ever seen anything so pretty?  The fact that it's supporting TTV and its associate causes makes the price that much more palatable, and again, how pretty is this??   

#4 -
Anglo Oriental "Royal 151" through Home Depot ~ C$399.00
This is a wee bit smaller than the other rugs I've featured: at only 5'x8', it's practically Lilliputian compared to the others.  But the graphic chrysanthemum design packs a huge punch, and the colours are absolutely gorgeous, which makes it a winner in my book.

#3 -
Lourdes Sánchez Bull's-Eye Rug
"Bull's-Eye" by Lourdes Sanchez for West Elm ~ C$416.94
I love, Love, LOVE this carpet, both as a floor covering and as wall art.  It's so dynamic; the shards extending out from a centralized point reminds me of glass shattering, and the colors in the red-blue version are just spectacular. 

#2 -
"Coolio" by Lanart Rugs, through Home Depot ~ C$539.00
Another Depot special, sure, and maybe I've leaned a little too much towards the neutral greys/contemporary carpets but hey, if I can't be subjective on my own TOP 10 list, when can I?  Not only the color in this rug appeals to me: I'm also a big fan of the pattern (which looks loosely like two snowflakes to me) and the overall neutrality of it.  As with most of the carpets I've featured, there isn't a room I can't picture this rug looking great in, can you?

#1 -
"Argentine Cowhide Tile Rug" through Restoration Hardware ~ US$1,140.00 - $3,920.00
If you know me, have ever met me (even briefly) or have ever read the blog for more than five minutes, you'll know I have an undying obsession with anything bovine: horns, skulls and especially hides.  The trouble I have with natural hides, however, is the irregular shape.  I'm fine with it aesthetically, don't get me wrong, but having had one in my living room, I find I'm always tripping on the little leg parts, and furniture placement is next to impossible.  Enter the patch (or in this case, tile) rug: all the benefits and beauty of hide, with the convenience of geometric precision.  This one by Restoration Hardware is especially pretty: I love it in the pale version, but if darker is more your speed they have a deep brown option that's equally as gorgeous.  Now I just need to convince the hubby ... oh, and make some extra money to afford it!