03 November 2011

MY 101st BLOG POST!!

I'm officially in the triple digits!!

It's been a long time coming (just over a year, actually) but I've finally made it to a significant bloggy milestone: my 101st post.  I had intended to write a celebratory little message for my 100th, but with all the Hallowe'en excitement I couldn't not share the holiday photos.  So instead, I'm celebrating 101 by taking a page out of my online friend Cheryl's book and sharing 21 insights about moi that I otherwise might never think or have an opportunity to share with you:
  1. I'm an Aries and yes, I was born in April
  2. I have just one sibling, a younger brother who is 18 years younger than me
  3. The farthest I've ever travelled from home is to Florida twice as an adult (Disney trips with our kids) and before that to South Carolina when I was five years old, where it snowed for the first time in that state in 35 years.  I built a snowman in my shorts and a t-shirt
  4. I didn't try Thai food until I was nearly 30, but now I would eat it every day if I could
  5. I married my soul mate
  6. I don't smoke and I rarely drink, but I'm a certified caffeine junkie
  7. I have a favourite number (it's 4) but not a favourite colour
  8. My parents separated when I was 7 and divorced when I was 10, and I haven't really seen my dad since.  I don't regret that especially
  9. I'm obsessed with butter dishes shaped like chickens
  10. I was once conversational in French and Spanish, but I've since forgotten everything
  11. My dream career is as a novelist
  12. Eight years ago when my grandmother died I broke a little inside, and I've realized since then that there's no such thing as healing; it will never be fixed.  It's the hardest lesson I've learned
  13. I still don't feel like a grown-up
  14. I'm a little bit psychic sometimes (crazy, but true)
  15. I own 5 pairs of red-and-white-striped socks, and I wear them all the time
  16. I dislike nearly everything about Greek food: feta, lamb, olives, eggplant .... yech
  17. If I could have any super-power, I'd like to be telepathic.  I can't promise I would only use my powers for good, though, so it's probably just as well I don't have any
  18. I have four tattoos
  19. I don't think I believe in God, but I do believe in Fate
  20. My favourite novel is To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, and I've read it upwards of 40 times
  21. I'm abysmal at math
So there you have it ... 21 facts about me that maybe you found interesting, or weird, or both!  Thanks for sticking with me so far, and I'm looking forward to sharing many more bloggy exploits in the months and years to come!