29 November 2011

Inspiration Gallery #11 | Christmas Crafts

AGAIN I'm breaking my own rule around holiday-themed anything (shopping, blog posts, music, decorating) but I can't help myself ... maybe I ought to reconsider my rule?  This time it's purely in the interests of timing; if I were to wait until December to blog about these fantastic holiday crafts, it'd be the 20th and way too late!  So I'm breaking all the rules for you guys; let me know if you try any of them!

edible holiday garland
Pretty (and tasty!) holiday garlands via here
How to Make 6-Pointed Paper Snowflakes
The best paper snowflakes ever via here
Not just for the holidays anymore!  Amazing ping pong lights via here
A modern festive Christmas wreath using my favourite: dollar store ornaments! via here
Not technically a "craft," I know, but truffles are my favourite homemade holiday treat and my family loves when it's chocolate-making time in our house!  This isn't my exact recipe, but it looks just as delicious, via here

Sort of makes me feel all chipper and festive inside :)  What are your favourite holiday DIYs?  Anyone doing anything crafty this year?