02 November 2011

Hallowe'en Post-Op

Despite how much I hyped it up in my October 31 post, Hallowe'en was an unexpectedly quiet affair this year.  We beat a path through our usual trick-or-treat stomping ground but apparently folks didn't get the memo this year that the house-decorating competition was so on.  Efforts were disappointingly lacklustre (says the woman who didn't even buy a pumpkin this year!)

On account of the slim-decorating-pickins I of course have no photos of haunted houses to rival the ones I pulled off the internet other than my crazy friend, who every year outdoes herself on the decorating front.  Her house did NOT disappoint, and looked spectacular as always:

The witch in her lair
A terrifyingly blurry photo of Jason Voorhees, the resident witch's partner-in-crime
Dead Zone awesomeness
So pretty ... I mean scary ...
The steaming cauldron with eyeballs
Somebody get that guy a sandwich ...

Our little vampire baring her fangs at J.V.
That's some wicked cuteness right there

The little one wasn't really much for the actual trick-or-treating; she's more of dress-up girl and not so much a hoof-it-all-over-town-to-beg-for-stuff kind of kid.  Suits me.  We finished a couple of blocks before calling it quits, where we treated ourselves to hot chili and cold beer with friends while she sorted her haul.  She didn't bring in a huge load of candy but she's happy, and since she gets a mouthful of cavities just by walking past a bowl of sugar, it's really just as well.

Hoping your night was just as spooky and successful!