11 November 2011

The Dorland-Haight Gallery Presents ....

I think it's safe to say that my obsession with the work of artist Sarah Joncas is well documented, especially here in the blog.  I've mentioned our growing collection of original pieces more than once (though we're on temporary hiatus right now from purchasing art, what with me being unemployed for the time being ... gotta love the student life!) and whenever I have an opportunity to promote Sarah, I jump at the chance.  Like now!

Sarah and her equally talented bestie
Ann Kornuta (or AnnK, as she's known locally) are launching a new show presented by The Dorland-Haight Gallery in Milton!  Opening night is November 25 (7-11pm) and runs straight through to December 10; both Sarah and AnnK will be attending the opening night reception, if you're interested in meeting the artists (which is always a cool experience).

So if you're local or can make it to Milton at any time during the exhibition, I encourage you to drop in!  And if meeting these talented artists isn't in the cards for you, tap into the local knowledge: gallery owners Peter and Miriam Haight are veritable encyclopedias of information (about Sarah, about Ann, or about any other artist represented by the Gallery that might strike your fancy) and are simply delightful in general.

And who knows?  Maybe this is the perfect time to add a piece of fabulous pop art to your existing collection, or to start a new one with a fantastic original piece?!  Happy shopping!