25 October 2011

Time to Face the Music

It wasn't so long ago that I drafted a horrifyingly long list of tasks I needed to tackle in the house, and posted them here on the blog for everyone to see.  Do you remember?  And do you remember when I said they'd be done by the end of August?  Right, so it turns out I lied: they didn't get done.  Not: some of them didn't get done.  No, in actual fact I didn't complete any of them.  None.  Not a one.

I could lay the blame on this tragic turn of (non-)events on the car accident, on our hectic schedules, on life in general ... but I'll be honest: the blame game doesn't get my house painted.  It isn't productive.  And besides, I read a ton of blogs written by women who are much busier than me running after toddlers and pre-schoolers and/or working full-time jobs, and their houses are impeccable.  Gorgeous.  Neat and tidy.  And, most importantly, largely finished.

I am in awe of these women and also shamed by them.  If they can muster the energy and drive on a daily basis to not only finger paint, race Tonka trucks, clean, decorate, DIY, blog, work, work and more work, AND keep a beautiful house, surely I can scrape up a few minutes each day to beautify the homestead and starting ticking off those To-Do items?  Yes, surely indeed.

And being an organizer and a list-maker at heart, where better to start than by revisiting my task lists?  This is going to be a bumpy ride for the next few minutes (mostly for me since it's up to me to scratch these off one by one, but maybe for you too when it dawns on you how awfully, terribly, horrifyingly long the list truly is) but stick with me ... you're being "in" on the list will keep me honest in the long run.

Broken down by room, starting at the front of the house:

Foyer -
  • install wallpaper
  • mirror closet doors
  • paint inside of closet and ceiling
  • install organizers / edit and reorganize closet
  • remove vinyl flooring and lay tile
  • replace light fixture
  • (so, you know ... everything)

Dining Room -
  • paint stripes on the walls
  • sand and stain dining chair legs
  • dye chair slipcovers
  • hang curtains
  • paint crown molding ceiling and chandelier medallion
  • mirror (or paint, or varish ... decide on a finish) back of wall unit
  • steam clean carpet (a light carpet in the dining room ... what was I thinking???)
  • mount rope lighting under curtain valance
  • accessorize
"Office" -
  • edit our crap
  • organize our crap
  • hang artwork
  • steam clean carpet (same problem as the dining room!)
  • paint crown molding and ceiling
  • install rope lighting under valance
Family Room -
  • paint trim
  • install and paint chair rail
  • install tray ceiling and paint
  • replace ceiling fans
  • sell the treadmill
  • add plants or some greener or something
Kitchen -
  • paint cabinetry
  • reorganize cupboards
  • edit, edit, edit
  • replace hardware
  • replace countertop
  • paint window trim
  • install new light fixture
  • remove vinyl floor and lay tile
  • build in the dishwasher (it's portable now, and what a pain in the arse!)
  • paint walls and ceiling
Bathroom -
  • paint door (this is how bad it is over here, folks: this door has been waiting for paint for over a year ... it's just sad)
  • frame and hang artwork (I finally found some! Thank you, Christie Antique Show, September 2011)
  • change shower curtain for the winter season
  • install door hooks
Hallway -
  • install new ceiling lights
  • paint
Master Bedroom -
  • paint walls, ceiling, closet and trim
  • install chandelier
  • create / mount headboard
  • have glass cut for D's side table
  • hang artwork
  • have curtains made; hang them
A's Room -
  • dip-dye chandelier shades
  • hang new curtains
  • mount hooks
  • spray paint and mount mirror
  • organize her closet (!!)
J's Room -
  • finish painting his closet (poor kid - it's been years)
  • install rope lighting inside his closet
  • frame and hang artwork
  • repaint dresser
  • change hardware
  • replace curtains
  • recover chair
Stairwell -
  • paint
  • install new ceiling fixture
  • rip out carpet on stairs and replace with tile
"Wreck Room" -
  • burn everything in it and start from scratch
  • 'nuff said
Hallway / Storage -
  • edit ruthlessly
  • paint shelves
  • reorganize
  • complete light fixture installation
  • paint door trim
  • hang artwork
Laundry Room -
  • rearrange washer / dryer (basically, we're thinking of shifting the whole layout, but how and to where isn't clear just yet)
  • paint
  • install cabinetry and storage
  • tile a backsplash (above the cabinetry)
  • mount or install a drying rack
  • new light fixture!! (I hate Hate HATE flourescent lighting)
  • dazzle it up a bit with art and accessories

So my heart is actually hurting in my chest right now: I think I'm having a slight panic attack!!  I've had all this in my head for the longest time, but there's really nothing like putting it all down on paper to realize just how far behind you really, and how much you really have to do!  UGH.

But that's OK, because my enthusiasm (and commitment) is renewed!  I've already started on the process in advance of this post (updates to come, of course) but giving you the list (again) is step one along the path to completion.

Aaaaaand ... we're off!