21 July 2011

We're Mellllltiiing!

I had planned something very different for today's post but current weather conditions have driven everything else out of my mind.  I'm assuming I'm not alone when I say that Mother Nature having hot flashes is just not cool? (baDum-bum.  Pun fully intended.)

As I trotted around the house this morning preparing for the heat wave, my daydreams turned to all the fun and delicious ways we can beat the heat.  While the "usual" tactics are necessary - shutting curtains and pulling blinds against the sun, turning up the thermostat and turning down the air conditioner (so it doesn't have to work so hard), and filling extra bottles of water for the kids to take to camp (at least, for the one the went today: one of them is flopping around on the couch, moaning of utter boredom) - I'd rather be doing any one of these right now:

Outdoor splash pads = aweseome heat busters | via here
Fresh food is a great way to cool down, and watermelon tops the list as a perfect way to combat the heat | via here
Staying cool can be stylish as well with vintage accessories, and a fabulous tip from
Apartment Therapy is to put a bowl of ice in front of your fan, to let it blow the
cool air from the melting ice around.  Genius! | via here
If the beach isn't an option, try cottage country!  Nothing beats a day of water play in weather like this | via here

Classic heat-buster | via here
When it's just that hot outside, sometimes there's nothing left to do but
sleep the day - and heat - away in a comfy hammock | via here

Stay cool, everyone!