20 July 2011

Wednesday Confessional

Folks much wiser than I once said that the first step to solving a problem is admitting you have one.  OK.  So I have one.

I am a Pot(ter)head.
I'll take it anywhere - on the train, at the cottage, on the back patio .... even in the car with the kids - and I'll take it any way I can get it (paper or celluloid, I don't care).  Just as long as I get my Pot(ter) fix, I'm happy.  It's a sickness.  I can't get enough.

So what's a girl to do when she's desperately craving a hit of Pot(ter) and knows she could score some at the local Cineplex, but she hasn't finished her old stuff yet?  And when her self-imposed philosophy is never to imbibe new Pot(ter) before she's worked her way through the old (and good) stuff, how can she justify jumping the gun?  Well, she can't.  So that's why they invented the internet.

I take heart that I'm not alone in my Pot(ter) addiction when I type the words "Harry Potter" into Google.  God bless Google.  And internet nerds.  The minutiae of information that surfaces is amazing - photos, articles, essays, gossip, movie trailers, clips, quotes .... if you can think up the question, the internet has the answer, and it's enough to keep me going for the next little while until I can get to the theatres.

Here's the run-down on why I can't see the newest (and most killer) Potter movie just yet: a long time ago on the cusp of the first HP movie release, I realized that I had lost the exact details of the first book as I had read further into the series.  Before we hit the theatre, I sped through book #1 to refresh my memory, and when we did finally watch the celluloid premiere I knew exactly what was what: what they embellished, what they left out, what they did so-SO right, and where they fell down a little bit.  It helped me enjoy the film more because the story line was fresh, but it also made me feel a bit superior and more than a little judgmental of the filmmakers efforts, which I always appreciate. 
A short while later when movie no. 2 came along, I re-read the series again to ensure I was bang up-to-date on the details.  It worked.  I was happy.  And so I made the commitment that from that point forward, I would re-read the ENTIRE series before seeing any new film, the better to prepare myself for the experience and flesh out my enjoyment (or form the foundation of my criticism - yeah, I'm looking at you, Order of the Phoenix) of the film(s).

Cut to several years later, and my son J. - who loves any excuse to work his way through the series again - decided to join me in reading the books before movies.  And though it may have delayed us by a day or two in the past as we competed to get first possession of each subsequent book (a problem solved when we finally knuckled under and purchased a second full set of the series), it's never bitten us in the bum quite as sharply as it has now.  You see, J. was away at overnight camp all last week and had no time to read.  He's waaaay behind.  And as I've reported a few times so far, with things at school and work being a bit hairy for me right now, my ability to consume ridiculous chunks of time with non-stop reading has been seriously curtailed.  In the past I could get through the series in five days or less, when really committed.  I've been working on them for nearly two weeks and I'm only a quarter of the way through Goblet of Fire!  I'm falling apart.  Darned work / drafting / work!

Anyhoo, I'm going to be finished much sooner than J., who's only just started the
first book.  And we can't go until he's finished them all.  It's going to take FOREVER!!!!  And I'm starting to freak out a little.

So like any good Pot(ter)head (Potterphile? Potterite?), I took to the internet for a quick fix that hopefully will keep me going until my teenager gets his priorities straight and quits "playing with his friends" and "enjoying camp", and gets down to business with these books!

And while strictly speaking these are not photos of real interiors, I'm celebrating my Pot(ter) addiction with a tour of my all-time favourites of the movie sets: all the spaces in the Potter universe that made me feel like they got it exactly right.  Enjoy the tour!

The Great Hall ~ via here
The Room of Requirement ~ via here
The Gryffindor Common Room ~ via here and here

I love everything about The Burrow, especially the kitchen and living room ~ via here
Flourish and Blotts Bookstore ~ via here
The borrowed tent at the Quidditch World cup ~ via here

I can't wait to see the final installment and at the same time, I can (Laurie over the Rauch Motel assures me it's awesome.  I don't doubt it).  The posters say it all: It All Ends.  But I wish it didn't have to :(