07 July 2011

Inspiration Gallery #7 | Everything Etsy

If you've had a look around the blog, you'll know that I am a huge fan of original artwork and unique pieces, and as an extension of those interests, of online marketplaces.  In particular, my favourite is Etsy.com.  As with any retail outlet, buyers should exercise a little critical consumerism but overall, the quality of craftsmanship to be found on Etsy is outstanding.  Even better, items that before might not have been accessible due to price point or geographical location - from jewelry to furniture, fabric to cupcakes - is now universally available to anyone with an internet connection and a home address.

It would days if not weeks - months, even! - to click through all of the incredible offerings on Etsy, but even just one or two items are enough to provide some inspiration: for a room, an outfit or a state of mind.  Here's a spotlight on just a few to whet your appetite, and visit
here to start your own journey through the artist's hive (and be warned: keep your credit card handy!):

Adorable (and functional!) Mimosa Gray handbag via Ikabags
Raspberry Tomato Leaf ~ Creamy Shea Butter Handmade Glycerin Soap via Twin Dreams
Violet Noble Shawl via modelknitting
"My Home is the Sea" via Tastes Orangey
Petit Rossete earrings via Inbar Shahak
Bio-Dome Terrarium via Extraordinary Machine
Summer Nights Shooting Stars Sparkling Clear Glass Ball Mason Jar Lights via BootsNGus
Strawberry Mango Jam via Bovine Bubbles and Hogwash Ltd.
Vintage Just a Touch blouse via Capricious Traveler
Honey Yellow Cup Cozy via natalya1905