19 July 2011

Drafting Is My Life. Seriously.

Drafting, drafting and more drafting!  I spent last night (and all weekend) measuring the teeniest, tiniest of spaces until my eyes bled, and am looking forward to spending every night this week doing same.  Having given you a sneak peek yesterday (and making good on my threat to share everything that happens in class :), here are some more snaps of the drafting work that's driving me batty (and I'm loving every minute of it)

A better shot (I think?) of the elevation I shared yesterday.  Small change = the microwave drawer has been shaded in.  Otherwise, the same.
Plan and isometric drawing (which sucked up 5 of the 9 hours of work on Sunday ~ isometrics are not my friend!)
Second elevation in progress ....

I still haven't managed to figure out how a 24-inch stove - measured perfectly - with a one-inch gap on either side of it - also measured perfectly - winds up to be 27 inches in total when I measure the full width, but I'm working on it.  I suspect a bottle of ice wine may help figure it all out later tonight (though it's not advisable to drink and draft ~ the Leaning Tower of Pisa is a perfect example of why cocktails and architecture don't mix).  And just wait 'til I show you the condo plan, fully furnished ... it's gonna be suh-weeeet!  But that's not until later in the week.

Until then, here's a happy little space courtesy of my man Jonathan Adler that will keep the creative juices flowing (and for whom I'm developing a love that is bordering on unnatural).  Rock on, design friends!  Rock on ....

image via here