07 June 2011

Master Bedroom ~ Before

Design Objective: Sophisticated bohemian
  • Patch walls as required (it's required ... a lot)
  • Paint (walls, ceiling, trim and doors ~ anything that stands still, basically)
  • Install chandelier
  • Add his-and-her floor rugs
  • Repair closet doors and the under-bed drawer that sticks
  • Remount television in a way that is less intrusive on the room
  • Figure out a headboard solution, as in: formal headboard? wallpaper? art? Noodle this around
  • Donate/sell curtains
  • Replace with new, grey versions (choose fabric for custom?) with blackout lining

  • Re-examine layout for increased storage and function (yeah, I'm looking at you, closet)
View from the door.  Swanky, no?  NO.  Exactly.
Also from the doorway.  This is looking at my side of the bed, and a bunch of artwork that we haven't got out of the wrapping yet (as well as some we have).  The mirror stays; the art can be relocated.  The side tables have been sprayed in the same grey we will use for the rest of the room (Benjamin Moore's Kendall Charcoal).
The flashlights will be relocated eventually :)
View from the far corner of the room, by the window.  Note the paint patches on each wall in various colors.  This is my method of selecting colors, which D. hates.  We've been living with these samples for, like, a year now.

These two shots comprise one wall.  See how the television juts into the room? (a little rudely, I think, and sort of inconveniently)  I don't care for it.  TV = yes (love watching movies in bed!) but Wall/Space Hog = no.  It's a real puzzler.  And need I mention the pajama pants hanging behind the door?Alright, Hef, settle down; I'll get those back to you ASAP