22 June 2011

Bistro Table Reveal!

A while back, after obsessing for weeks about it, I and friend slash colleague Alison of Alison Mitchell Design took a trip to the (say it with me) Christie Antique Market in Dundas, Ontario (otherwise known as "Nirvana" for the antiquially inclined - and yes, I know that's not a word ... yet).  I don't think I have to reiterate that we had the. best. time.  And of course, Alison came home with a beautiful little bistro table that looked originally like this:

Once home and installed in her kitchen, her gorgeous table look liked this:


It had originally been her intention to give her new table a rustic, French, shabby-chic vibe however plans changed when the first coats of paint went down.  I promised you an update when I had one, and I'm so excited to share new photos of the table as sent by Alison on Monday.  Here's the table's brand new look!

Gorgeous, right??  I'm totally in love with the high gloss paint: it looks like lipstick and is so sexy and chic, yet comfortable and homey at the same time.  And lovely model Tess (the dog) really highlights the working height of the table :)

We'll have a formal photo shoot for you a little ways down the road but in the interim I just had to share: I get so excited for projects like these, when new life is breathed into older objects.  It's just so satisfying, no? 
SUCH a nice job, Alison, and thank you for letting me post a photo update!