17 June 2011

All's Well That Ends Well

I won't lie to you: my motivation train has chugged its way into Procrastination Station and is firmly parked there.  It's the end of a veeery long week (thank you, work + school + other school + break-in + event management + kids + homework ...) but I won't bore you with the details :)

Given that it's Friday, I couldn't trot off into the weekend without giving you an update on Dexter (thank you to everyone who expressed their concern and support; much appreciated!) and maybe a little inspiration too.

- Is completely repaired and feeling fine.  God bless Apple Auto Glass, who had room in their schedule to fit us in yesterday, didn't charge us an arm and a leg to fix him AND vacuumed the ENTIRE car instead of just cleaning out the backseat!  We picked him up last night and he's feeling (and looking) good as new.