31 May 2011

Inspiration Gallery #5 | Awesome Antiques

Only so much can be said about antique sales and I realize that many of my posts lately (maybe too many?) have been devoted to the Christie show which took place this past weekend: this will be the last for a while, I promise.

That being said, it's hard to deny the "awesome" factor when it comes to pre-loved items: cutesy, kitschy, witty, worldly, quirky, classic, beautiful, elegant, stately, crazy, rare, refined or absolutely-100%-unique, you can find it all.  Items with history speak volumes, and can personalize your space in a way that mass-produced, disposable wares never can.  I tip my hat to all things "built to last" and welcome antiques into my home; I love the life they bring to it.  I find inspiration in the most unique pieces and in the way others integrate antiques into their spaces.

Check out fantastic photos below and let me know: are they hot, or not?  Inspiring or disappointing?  How do you fit antiques into your life and home?

Can you even get over the one-of-a-kind pieces, antiques and modern touches in this room?  I *heart*.
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The rustic nature of this room is deceiving: it's eclectic and chock-full of antiques,
yet the overall feeling is surprisingly modern.
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This room strikes me as being very contemporary, with a distinctive South Beach feel (yes/no?  am I crazy?)
What's terrific is the seamless integration of the antique pieces: there are a ton of them here - the side chairs,
the setteee, the stool to name just a few - but this room is light, bright and very modern.  Applause.
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Yes, please!
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Stop it, right?  I know.  I could easily live in this kitchen: it is exceptionally functional and streamlined where it needs to be, and yet overflowing with personality derived from totally unique and gorgeous antique finds.  What a beauty!
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Sleek, sexy and full of historical charm.
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Generally I have the biggest love-on for white rooms but this just called to me.  Check that wallpaper,
which is not antique but which is absolutely freaking gorgeous, and those chairs?  To die for,
particularly in the varying colorway.  Love.
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Seriously?  I know.  I love this site too.
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The big finish, by none other than homegrown talent Sarah Richardson and
her equally talented brother Theo and his design co. Rich Brilliant Willing for the
2011 Interior Design Show (IDS) in Toronto.  The challenge of this room
is to determine where the antiques end the newly constructed pieces begin, and
that's the beauty of it!  Happy scrutinizing :)
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Post script ~

You may have noticed (is it noticeable? haha) that personally, my favourite look is a mixture of antiques with simple, clean lines and modern base pieces, set against a crisp white backdrop.  And that being said, it's then less of a surprise that my own living room is entirely white and furnished with simple furniture and a veritable stable of streamlined teak pieces.  Shocking.  I would be lying, however, if I said I wasn't more than tempted by those gorgeous colorful rooms.

I wonder what D. would think if I slipcovered our dining room chairs in a full rainbow of shades ... ?