20 May 2011

Experimenting with 'Macro'

By just about every standard, my little Fuji Finepix camera is very old.  Like, ancient.  When six months is light years in terms of technological advancement, being a little over four years old is like being a dinosaur: extinct.

Even after all this time, though, and being a militant shutterbug at times (much to my kids' chagrin), I still haven't figured out all the bells and whistles that my little 7.3 mega pixel camera comes with.  Sad, isn't it?

But in getting serious about the blog, so too must I get serious about the photos I publish here, and I've recently come to the conclusion (looking back on older posts) that they can't all be poached from other sites - at least, not all the good ones can.  I need to be able to produce excellent (or at the very least, decent) pictures on my own!  The instruction manual has long since disappeared, hence I'm resorting to pure experimentation today with the "macro" function ... Not sure if I see much of a difference between this and a regular shot, but I'm willing to suspend my uncertainty while I continue to test the waters.  And if anyone has any words of wisdom as to how to maximize the technology of a prehistoric camera to take magazine-(and blog!)-worthy shots, I'm all ears ....

Also this weekend I'm keeping my fingers crossed for fair weather; I'm hoping to get down to the Milton Farmer's Market first thing tomorrow for some excellent produce shopping and shutterbugging.  The rest of the weekend will be taken up with campus tours for my younger brother, who is currently making the monumental decision about which post-secondary institution to attend and is a gigantic stress bunny as a result.  Hitting my old stomping grounds tomorrow afternoon, which is a great way to kick off the tour agenda!  I'll of course have pictures of that, too :)

Wishing all my Canadian friends a wonderful long weekend!