27 May 2011

Christie Classic Antiques Show is Tomorrow!

via Sense and Simplicity

Tomorrow is the big day!

Be sure to strap some walking shoes on your feet, a sunhat on your head and lather up with sunscreen, then drive yourself out to the Christie Lake Conservation Area for the spring Antique Show and Sale.  Over 300 vendors from across Canada will be in attendance, with a treasure trove of fabulous finds just waiting for you to pick them out!  Directions and show information can be found

Unlike in years past when I attended just for the fun of being there, this year I have a small shopping list that I'm excited to scout for.  On my wish list:

  • two stylish "catch all" trays: one for the living room (for TV remotes, etc.) and one for the office (to use as an in-box for bills and invitations and whatnot
  • architectural drawings for the main floor bathroom - one 8x11" portait and one landscape in an irregular size (maybe 8x30" or something of the sort)
  • one or two little paintings, preferably original, for the dining room shelves
  • a saucer or decorative plate to live beside the bubble lamp
  • antiqued mirror panes (I'm not expecting to find this one, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed nonetheless), and
  • antique fabrics for living room pillows and to sew a privacy curtain for the shed/change room
  • a unique planter for the kitchen counter - I have a hankering for a white ceramic elephant but barring the ideal find, I'd be happy with any animal shape so long as it's cute!
  • some tchotchkes with character and panache
I realize that knowing specifically what I want is the death-knell to finding it but I'm choosing to think positively and have no intention of overlooking any fabulous finds due to any singularity of focus.  I'm definitely keeping an open mind; just hoping my wish list will help hone my hunting skills a little bit :)

It promises to be a great day weather- and shopping-wise, and perhaps I'll see some familiar faces there!  Jennifer at
Rambling Renovators has also proposed a meet-up throughout the day for fellow bloggers and blog-lovers; details are here.  And for those who can't make it this season, I'll snap plenty of pictures to share with you on Monday.

Have a great weekend, everyone ... I know I will!