06 April 2011

Main Floor Bathroom ~ In Process

Design Objective: Classic 1920's styling with modern highlights

The major design work has already been done here, over months (or maybe years?) of planning and work.  All that's left are the finishing touches to really make it perfect!
  • Paint the door, inside and out
  • Mount towel hooks on the interior of the door
  • Wallpaper the exterior panel of door
  • Replace the existing fan timer with a new one (yes, that's right: it's broken already.  Thanks, contractor!)
  • Find, frame and hang artwork above the towel bar/toilet paper holder and above the toilet ~ preferably some architectural drawings or paintings that I'm keeping my fingers crossed I will find at the Christie Antique Show in May!

So clearly we're well beyond where we started.  The photos above illustrate an old, beaten up bathroom that desperately required attention.  After a long and, honestly, arduous process, this is what we look like now: