27 April 2011

Jumping on the Royal Bandwagon

My fascination with the Royal family is well known to many in my inner (and outer, and peripheral) circle, and the upcoming wedding between Wills and Kate is no exception.  

I count myself among the many who have more than a passing interest in all things royalty.  Lately I've been purchasing and ingesting huge amounts of newsstand magazines dedicated to the upcoming nuptials - just yesterday I gorged on a special issue of Hello! Canada on the train home, enjoying such feature articles as 'Kate wears plum-colored shoes' and 'Kate does her own makeup!'  Yes, this is what I read and what's more, I admit to liking it.

So while news of the wedding has been everywhere and people either love it (me) or hate it (my husband, let's say, and/or everyone else I know), it seems inescapable.  With that in mind, I thought I would dedicate my next couple of posts to the beautiful twosome, and to the monarchy in general.  What better way to say 'hat's off!' to people I don't know than writing about it to many people I don't know?!

With the groundswell of renewed interest in and popularity of the young royal couple, another trend that has surfaced is royalty-themed housewares (you didn't think I'd forget this is a decorating blog, did you?).  I love the kitschy flavor of a lot of these pieces, but I wonder how long they'll retain their lustre?  You be the judge!

via Decor Demon

via StyleatHome.com | available at Up Country

via StyleatHome.com | available at kkoutlet.com

MR & MRS - Royal Wedding
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