13 April 2011

Inspiration Gallery #3 | Beautiful Blues

It's been a slow week this week, both personally and creatively.  With the uncertain weather (is it spring? is it still winter? is it raining/snowing/sunny?) and a myriad of professional changes at the office, I have been feeling a bit tired - a bit blue - and not at all inspired to indulge in my favourite pasttimes.

I've got to get over the hump sometime, though, so I'm giving myself a swift kick in the pants, taking the bull by the horns and wrestling those blues to the ground.  Et voila!  Inspiration gallery #3 (blues-inspired, of course!)

Monumental Murano Glass Vase
Douglas Rosin Murano Glass Vase via 1stdibs.com

Benjamin Moore

Cole and Son wallpaper in 'Magnolia'

Old Havana, Cuba (where we're heading in November!) via Superstock

Steampunk goggles via Etsy: edmdesigns

via Etsy: Homemaker Movement