31 March 2011

Our Budding Art Collection

Just under two years ago we received a generous cash gift from a family member and made what was at the time a crazy decision for my husband and I: we used some of the funds to purchase our first piece of original art.  Feeling very much like grown-ups after living for years with reproduction prints and university posters (excluding, of course, the amazing original artwork of young Master J and Miss A) this purchase launched us not only on a love affair with one artist in particular but also on a quest to develop an art collection of our very own.

Our first purchase: "Inanimate Love" by Sarah Joncas

Fast forward to today and our collection is developing slowly but surely.  With the purchase of several more pieces by our favourite artist Sarah, we've recently expanded our repertoire to include work advertised and sold on the artist's hive Etsy.com.

Among other small pieces - an 11x14 palette-knife painting and a small 8x6 portrait painting which will both be amazing new additions to the office - we committed last night to a modern abstract painting for our dining room that is a complete departure from anything we've brought into the house before.  It's bright, it's loud, it's bold and it's huge: 40x40 inches!  It will make a substantial and fantastic statement in our otherwise fairly traditional dining room, and will (I think) create just the right amount of tension between modern and traditional that I'm looking for in the room.  Placing the new addition against the freshly painted, gallery-white walls will just be frosting on the cupcake!

Though hubby has yet to be 100% convinced this is the right move and the right piece, I am totally confident.  How can we go wrong with a piece as spectacular as this?

Relaxed State of Mind
"Relaxed State of Mind" by Erin Ashley

Our current art family:
"Magdalena" by Sarah Joncas
"Loves Me Not" by Sarah Joncas

plus another Sarah Joncas commission that I for some reason can't include a picture of (darned technology!).

We're adding:

"The Flapper" by Carol Schiff
"Friends of P" by Davs
"Hummingbird #1" by dimdi
"Hummingbird #2" also by dimdi

Framed with white matting and either white or bronze frames (I love to plan, but I'm still debating the details), the birds will be a beautiful compliment to the foyer wallpaper, which is already en route from the US!

As our collection grows and develops, so too does my appreciation for all the artistic talent in the world.  It's amazing to me that a person can look at a blank canvas and with nothing but their creativity and a brush or a pencil or a piece of charcoal, create a piece of artwork that is expressive, endearing, beautiful and unique.  It's really an incredible gift and I'm so glad we've been able to tap into the enormous creative talent that lives both locally and abroad to bring a bit of that distinctive style and flair into our own home.
On that note, I will wish you an early Happy Weekend.  J plays the provincial volleyball tournament this weekend (all weekend!) starting Thursday night, so this gym-mum and #1 cheerleader will sign off until next week!